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1. Solution for repair and maintenance service providers

CSOne is specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of after-sales service providers. It includes common business functions for both field service and depot repair as well as repair parts inventory management and maintenance contract management.

Web-based software available both on Cloud and On-Premise type

You can access CSOne anywhere and anytime either via desktop computers or via mobile devices.
With the Cloud type CSOne, you can quickly start use of CSOne and pay only what you use, while with the On-Premise type, you can create your own service solutions based on the packaged solution “CSOne”.

Integration with technologies such as E-Signature, GPS and CTI

Paper work will be eliminated by having your customers sign on your service reports online. You will also improve assignment efficiency by quickly locating your technicians with use of GPS. With integration to the telephony system, CSOne directly pops up your customer’s information.

Integration with the project management software “PMOne”

With integration to the project management software “PMOne”, you will experience seamless lifecycle management of your business from the development and installation of equipment / devices (PMOne) to the after-the-sales maintenance service (CSOne).



  • Maintenance and installation of IT equipment
  • Maintenance of store facilities
  • Maintenance of train equipment
  • Manufacturing and sales of beauty apparatuses
  • Maintenance and installation of automated office equipment and facilities
  • Maintenance of exhibition facilities
  • Maintenance of vehicle equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection of industrial equipment
  • Maintenance of drainage and water supply systems, plumbing installation
  • Maintenance and installation of medical equipment
  • Others